Western Market Direct

“Don’t worry, Western Allies are on the way.”

Welcome to Western Market Direct! 😊

Have trouble finding gigs due to antiWhite policies forcing racial quotas?

Like to grow your business, but find you can never be antiWhite enough to appease the antiwhites with a monopoly on the marketplace?

Not to worry!

We have your back!

Here at Western Market Direct we not only connect you with gigs regardless of your race or love for Westernkind, but WE do all of the direct selling for you! 😁

Together we can make a difference for our people.

We are face-to-face event specialists. We will find a location for your gig anywhere in Florida, sample your product to potential customers, demonstrate your product to those potential customers, run your catering event, or any event. Locations can range anywhere from trade shows, flea markets, carnivals, festivals, concerts, Churches, venues, and so much more!

How does it work?

1.) You send us an email with a description of your business and what kind of demo you’d like us to perform as well as location preferences.

2.) We make some emails and calls and get the best deal.

3.) We reach back out to you with the best deal and we book your location.

4.) We perform the demo while keeping track of performance and document proof of the demo being performed properly.

Do you perform catering demos?

Yes 👍

Do you perform sales demos?

Yes 👍

If I want a sales demo do you ask for commissions?

Open to negotiate. There is no one size fits all. There is no structure that applies universally to each product or business. We consider you and your budget.

If interested reach out by email to: